support your healing with oils
Free live Webinar with Becca Brinkmann

Health support for Chronic Illness with Essential Oils
February 2, 2015 @ 1:00 - 1:45PM EST

My name is Becca and 2 years ago my body crashed with Lyme Disease. After IV treatment, I was still struggling with fatigue, pain, sleep issues, immunity issues, and stress. A good friend gave me a few oils to try and I began to notice a difference after a few weeks. I want to share how these wonderful, natural oils can help you feel better and support your healing. Register for this free webinar by clicking the button below.

Topics Include:

  • What is an EO Lyme Protocol?

  • Using oils topically to reduce stress, fatigue, boost your mood & to aide with Sleep

  • How to use oils to help with healing and support the immune system

  • How to use oils safely

*Each person who attends the live webinar will be entered for a chance to win a FREE bottle of essential oil*

I will be giving away three oils!